Concrete strength: probabilistic modeling and experimental results

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The structural safety for all the works of civil engineering constitutes the fundamental requirement on which is based the design.
All decisions made by the engineers descended, more or less explicitly, for safety considerations properly codified in regulations. This also applies to the materials used in buildings, for which, in order to decreeing the acceptability or otherwise, the rules using statistical tools based on the results of standard tests carried out on samples.
In this article from a database of results of about 2700 compression tests performed on concrete cubes taken from castings made for the realization of one great work in Neapolitan, accurate statistical analysis was performed in order to verify the requirements of the technical standard Italian (Ministerial decree of 14 January 2008) and to characterize the uncertainties involved.

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Resistenza Del Calcestruzzo Modellazione E Risultati (prove In Situ TECNO IN)
Resistenza Del Calcestruzzo Modellazione E Risultati (prove In Situ TECNO IN)
Resistenza del calcestruzzo modellazione e risultati (prove in situ TECNO IN).pdf
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