Surveys Laser Scanner excavations of Nola

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The excavation of Nola will be remembered because, for the first time, used a high-tech tool to map an archaeological site. Thanks to the innovative laser scanner Cyrax 2500, the Italian company Tecno In managed to get a perfect three-dimensional image of the area where, as a result, make all the necessary measurements and measurements of the case.
This is possible because the laser scanner acts very high definition and speed, each time the green beam rests on a surface allowing to acquire point clouds with a density of 1000 per second and an accuracy of 2 millimeters. The image is obtained (left), it is “virtual”, but a perfectly faithful representation of what the device has “seen”. For archaeologists will be like being in the hole while still sitting at the PC.

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Rilievi Laser Scanner Archeologia (rilievi Laser Scanner TECNO IN)
Rilievi Laser Scanner Archeologia (rilievi Laser Scanner TECNO IN)
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