Survey of the mesostructure with technical 3D laser scanner

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In the last decade the importance of the mesostructure of clusters oriented structure is frequently carried out with digital photogrammetry the use of which has become increasingly easy to software that automate certain stages in photogrammetry, such as the relative orientation and absolute, the search for homologous points, the generation of DTM.
Photogrammetry has the advantage of “document” continuity with the morphology of extended walls are difficult to access or in conditions of stability and judged critical, with a careful choice of the directions of recovery photogrammetry, to identify the discontinuities, boulders “removable” or those already disjointed from storage.
The results of the return, indeed onerous and sometimes “sensitive” to the operator, however, are suffering from “errors” also depends on the scale of the photogrammetry model, allowing searches of detection techniques and return of higher precision. Among these include the scanning laser, known by the acronym 3D-LMS (Laser Mapping System), developed in recent years.
The technique has been used for the relief of the structure oriented in clusters with variable degree of structural complexity and different texture of the rock.

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Rilievo Della Mesostruttura Con Laser Scanner (rilievi Laser Scanner TECNO IN)
Rilievo Della Mesostruttura Con Laser Scanner (rilievi Laser Scanner TECNO IN)
Rilievo della mesostruttura con laser scanner (rilievi laser scanner TECNO IN).pdf
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