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The Tecno In Engineering Services is a company founded in 1986 and over the years has specialized in investigations, both on site and in the laboratory, and for studies aimed to the problems of characterization, monitoring and remediation of environmental and bankruptcy hydrological, geological and hydrogeological support in infrastructure construction of onshore and offshore, in structural diagnostics.
In this context, it has consolidated multidisciplinary technological skills that have projected among the leading companies in the industry with presence in major national and international projects.
The TECNO IN collaborated with leading Italian research centers, with which it has many partnerships in research projects for the development of innovative technologies.
Working often in problematic contexts and with sensitive data, special attention is paid to issues of quality through a rigorous system of internal control, as well as to safety at work for something the company has an internal protocol of careful training and supervision.
TECNO IN SpA operates throughout the country and has headquarters in San Donato Milanese (MI), Naples and Porto Torres (Sardinia). It has about 80 employees who have a conduct inspired by ethical principles, ensuring independence of judgment, independence, integrity, loyalty and sense of social responsibility in respect of the people and rules.

20097 SAN DONATO MILANESE (MILAN) Via Marcora, 52 - tel. +39 02.49680501 - fax. +39 02.49680502
80142 NAPLES - II Trav. Strettola S.Anna alle Paludi, 11 - tel. +39 081.5634520 - fax. +39 081.5633970
07046 PORTO TORRES (SARDINIA) - P.za Garibaldi, 14 - tel. +39 346.0363883
Tecnoin Mozambique Lda - Registered Office: Rua Brado Africano, 41, Maputo, Mozambique
TECNO IN S.p.A. - tecnoin@tecnoin.it

V.A.T. Number: 05016170630 - Business Register of Milan: Registred in the Administrative Economic Database Under N. 1953725