LThe TECNO IN, in its various fields of application has been and still is involved in many important projects.
On the basis of experience gained in the work programs of considerable technical prowess, including: HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY, THROUGH THE CROSSING, various METRO LINES, the draft RECLAMATION BAGNOLI, the relief of the TOWER OF PISA, the LANDSLIDE OF SARNO, investigations and studies as a result of SISMA EAGLE.
Currently the company is borrowing from the experiences with the group EDF (Fenice SpA) in the study and monitoring of environmental components for groundwater, soil and subsoil within the project BRIDGE ON THE STRAIT OF MESSINA. At the same time it is committed to a five-year program of monitoring TOWERS AND DONKEYS GARISENDA
in the Municipality of Bologna, as well as in surveys and studies for the collapse of the Schola ARMATORARUM in the excavations of Pompei.
Continued collaboration on investigations, tests and studies in the design and construction of the new METRO LINES of Naples and Rome, as well as major infrastructure projects such as highway LIVORNO-CIVITAVECCHIA or Genova tangential.
As regards environmental issues the TECNO IN is present in many of the sensitive areas of the national territory providing support with the problems of characterization and remediation. We are currently present in the NATIONAL SITES of: PORTO TORRES, CENGIO, LAMPEDUSA BAGNOLI, GELA, PRIOLO, Porto Marghera etc..

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