Corporate culture

Working in TECNO IN is more than just a job. It means believing in and directing the professional career of all those who contribute to the company’s business towards excellence. It is a continuous collaboration that aims at fostering the ambitions of a dynamic and synergic group that has the role of “people” as its primary focus.


The challenge is ambitious: we at TECNO IN firmly believe in the strength of human capital and in being a “competent and cohesive team”. This is why we consider it a priority to have competent professionals who love what they do.

Everyone’s work is fundamental for growth and performance improvement.

To this end, everyone is asked to give their best in accordance with the company’s values: attention to their work and safety in the field, focusing on innovation and development, moral integrity, loyalty and a sense of responsibility in accordance with people and rules.

Multi-disciplinary skills are the key to value creation. Our team is made up of multiple professionals, each different from the others, and the contribution of each one of them reflects their uniqueness in an integrated system.

More and more frequently, the knowledge and skills of a single team member combined with those of others in knowledge contamination provide the best possible solution to an increasingly demanding market.