We are specialist in the investigation and control activities, both on-site and in the laboratory, and in studies aimed at solving the problems of environmental characterisation, monitoring and remediation, hydrogeological instability, geological and hydrogeological support in the construction of infrastructures on land and at sea and in environmental diagnostics.

For all our activities, we adopt a strongly innovation-oriented approach, always searching for “tailor-made solutions” for our clients.

Civil and industrial infrastructures

Since its foundation, TECNO IN SpA has provided engineering services in the field of civil and industrial infrastructures. Later, in relation to the growing demands of the market, these services have been integrated with the support of geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological, topographical and geophysical surveys, as well as with the related monitoring. Over the years, TECNO IN SpA has become a leader in this market, integrating the field phase with the laboratory phase (both licensed).

Hydrogeological instability

TECNO IN SpA puts all its experience and studies into action for the protection, control and safeguarding of the territory, especially regarding hydrogeological instability issues. This frontline presence has allowed the company to develop methods of intervention, analysis and control that make it a leading player in these areas.

Environmental risk

TECNO IN SpA, through its environmental characterisation services, provides a significant contribution and support in the field of environmental remediation. It always ensures a qualified, effective intervention and promotes the use of innovative and sustainable technologies.

Energy: Renewables and Oil&Gas

TECNO IN SpA provides its contribution to the safeguarding and protection of the environment, especially in the Oil&Gas sector, with particular reference to both active and disused industrial sites. This contribution is expressed through an integrated and multidisciplinary method of investigation and analysis fully developed and implemented within the company, with the possibility of a customized methodology developed for specific cases.

Conservation of cultural and archaeological heritage

TECNO IN SpA has often been a support to various institutional bodies responsible for the protection and safeguarding of monumental or archaeological heritage. Similarly, it is a support interface for those responsible for infrastructure construction. For them, it is nowadays essentially a careful preventive analysis during the project and the monitoring during the construction for the interception of any unknown ancient anthropic factors.