A history of innovation


Tecno In enters the market of services for the testing of building structures thanks to an exclusive patent, and immediately focuses on innovation as a competitive element.


The need to enrich the range of services offered leads to the acquisition of companies specialising in geophysics.


Looking to the future, the company acquired its state-of-the-art laboratories for testing construction materials and geotechnical analysis of soil and rock, becoming a reference point in the field of diagnostics and structural testing.


The acquisition of the first terrestrial Laser Scanner imported in Italy opens the new sector of Earth Observation.


Thanks to the studies on the environmental characterisation in the geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and energy fields, both on land and at sea, Tecno In becomes a reference point in the Oil&Gas market


Tecno In consolidates its successful positioning with the opening of the laboratories in Milan


Innovation is officially established as the driver of the five-year strategic plan to achieve high-tech supply chains and ensure technology transfer applied to the integrated and multidisciplinary analysis of the environment. This takes the form of shareholdings in the capital of innovative start-ups with high specialisations integrated into the company’s supply system.


Acquisition by Tecno In of the Italian branch RCT s.r.l.


Obtaining the first Patents.


Innovation is the driver of Tecno In’s activity, which is why it acquired the qualification of INNOVATIVE SME and the enrolment in the Special Section of the Register of Enterprises of Milan.


Tecno In begins its voluntary process of drafting the Sustainability Report (CSR).